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New Village Dog Loo Bin

Again, further to the responses in the Parish Questionairre from villagers last year and with the help of Pat Hatherall and the Coronation Gardens Committee, we have installed a new Dog Loo Bin just down from the Cornonation Gardens for the use of dog owners.

We currently had the use of two bins one at the end of the path on the walk to school and one by the gate on the Croft. We have applied for others but RVBC will not provide nor empty them as they have no further budget for this. So in order to be able to have more bins, we need to purchase them ourselves and have volunteers to empty them. 

Pat who volunteers with Coronation Gardens said they would take on the task of emptying this bin in the hope that dog owners would clean up after their dogs and place it in the allocated bin rather leaving it within the gardens and we were happy to provide this additional bin.

Dog mess is an ongoing issue that the Parish Council are aware of and we would ask that you support us in keeping our village clean and tidy and if you know of any offenders, please either contact the Parish Council via the clerk, clerk@waddingtonvillage.co.uk or direct with the dog warden.

There are other bins around the village that also can be used, these are placed by the bus stops, in the centre of the village and on Branch Road, there in no excuse for not picking up after your dogs.


Waddington Parish Council