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Covid19/Coronavirus Volunteer Support Group

Hello! Are you unable or afraid to leave your home due to Covid19/Coronavirus? Do you need someone to run errands, do your shopping, help with pets, post letters, pick up prescriptions etc or would just like a chat as you are alone whilst isolating?

Do you want to support your neighbours who are self isolating?

We can help!


Waddington Parish Council, St Helens Church & The Methodist Church have formed a group of local Waddington resident volunteers  to help in time of need and you can contact our

Key Volunteer Coordinator Nicole on 07790 470014

or if she isn’t available please contact her assistants

Liz 07966 388843 or Cheryl 07831 726846


Covid19/Coronavirus is very contagious and as such we cannot make physical contact. For everyone’s security a safety password will be given to you prior to any visit from one of our volunteer team, which is unique to you and the allocated volunteer.

Keep Safe and look after each other


Waddington Parish Council