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Waddington Parish Council met with United Utilities to better understand the imapact that the replacement pipeline will have on our village and surrounding area. 

The presentation explains the works and immediate areas it affects us to help you better understand how we will be affected.

The below are the minutes from the meeting.


Attendees at the socially distanced meeting in St Helen’s Church 11.30am:
Christopher Tighe – 3 rd Party Co-ordinator for HARP (Haweswater Aqueduct Resilience Programme)
Doug Parker – Chair of WPC
John Hilton – Vice Chair WPC
Members of WPC – Cllrs Liz Haworth, Roy Edmondson, Gil Fisher, Roy Hampson
In attendance – Rev Christopher Wood, Parish Clerk Carol Baird
Meeting minutes
Christopher Tighe gave a presentation with handouts to WPC members. The handouts are available from the Clerk on request. There then followed a Question and Answer session. The following is a record of the main questions asked, answers given, and also comments by the Councillors.

1. Gil Fisher asked about whether Waddington would be affected by two of building works. The response was yes – Waddington will be affected by both the Bowland and the Marl Hill building works. The two tunnels will be constructed at the same time. Waddington village should expect
to be disrupted by extra vehicles for six years in total. The number of lorries will be 5-15 per hour for each site ie the village should expect to have 10-30 lorries per hour coming through the centre. Chris Tighe outlined the six routes which the lorries will be taking to/from the HARP

2. Liz Haworth commented that the timings of the lorries need to take into account the school timetable – not only for Waddington and West Bradford Primary school but also Bowland High School. Chris Tighe stated that LCC Highways are taking all school times into consideration and are working with the HARP team. Liz mentioned that any road use surveys need to take place when the covid situation is over as any readings taken at the current time would not be accurate.

3. Roy Edmonson commented strongly that consideration should be given to a new road and bridge linking the A59 with Newton. This idea would omit the need for any travel through the local villages and the disruption this will cause.

4. John Hilton asked about the spoil removal. Currently the lorries for the quarry have strict guideleines which they adhere to with regards to the speed they come through the village. Could the same assurance be given for lorries used in the HARP? Chris responded that the HARP is looking to work with the quarry to see if spoil could go in a large hole in Waddington
quarry. There is also the plan to use some of the spoil to landscape the area as it is an AONB. It is working with RVBC to make these decisions.
5. Gil Fisher asked about the affect on the village for six years on tourism whilst the HARP project is running. She is concerned about the affect on the vllage of the extra staff vehicles in addition to the lorries. Chris replied that staff cars would be taken into consideration and car share/buses
could be looked at to try to minimise the extra vehicles going through Waddington.

6. John Hilton asked if there were plans to put in sensors in other locations as there are currently some on Cross lane in Waddington. Chris replied that there are also some sensors monitoring the road to Slaidburn. The HARP will also upgrade the concrete access road around the Cross Lane area. All traffic routes and also footpaths will be looked at and if necessary diverted.

Covid-19 has stopped the public consultation in its present form, but the consultation will continue but now in a different format – using new technology including interactive click on boards and a more virtual environment to display the HARP is being explored.

7. Doug Parker asked about the effect of both the Marl Hill and Bowland sites affecting Waddington and sought assurances that the debris from both sites could be deposited in Waddington quarry. Chris re-assured Doug that HARP is working with the quarry to make this a reality.

8. Christopher Wood asked for clarification on the timings of the lorries through the village on a day to day basis. Chris responded that the detail is still being worked on between the proposed contractors, highways, RVBC and individual villages.The usual agreement is between the hours
of 8am and 6pm with no work at weekends. All the Councillors were concerned about the affect on the village if any work took place at weekends as the area is quite reliant on tourists.

9. Carol Baird asked about the other main parishes HARP is working with. Chris stated they are in consultation with the following: Newton in Bowland, Slaidburn, Whitewell, Bowland Forest Lower, West Bradford and other Parishes as the work progresses.

10. Carol Baird asked about compensation for the village and what form that could take. Chris replied that compensation depended on the needs of the village. He outlined that it depends on the local groups in the area. Some villages have opted to have a new car park for example. The
Councillors agreed to give this more thought and discuss this issue at an open meeting with villagers.

11. Liz Haworth asked about how the local area in and around Waddington would be ‘put back to normal’ after the works have taken place after such a long period of time – given the six year time estimate of the works. She commented on the importance of continual on-going work needed on the roads to keep them up to standard. Chris agreed and said all these factors would be considered including also the verges on the side of the road and also drainage issues too. He commented that the noise of the works could hopefully be reduced by possibly building hoarding around the tunnel boaring, and the dust could be controlled by ‘dampening down’ the
area around the works. Vehicles could be regularly cleaned to keep the dust down too.

12. Rev. Chris Wood asked about the timings of the works. Chris T replied that the current phase is one of planning and consultation with the areas affected. The construction of the tunnels would not start until 2023. Chris T will be the liaison point throughout the process from start to finish and would welcome any questions/meetings/presentations at any time through the process.

The meeting closed at 1pm with a view to more information being provided. It was discussed that an open meeting joint with West Bradford might be a good next step to ensure all the villagers of Waddington and West Bradford are fully aware of the consultation process and have
a forum in which to air their views.